Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Provincial Fair - Day 2

Today started bright and early (earlier for some than others who were very 
excited and up at the crack of dawn!) with a buffet breakfast in the residence cafeteria. We were all impressed by the conveyor belt that took our trays off to be cleared and washed.

After getting our backpacks ready for the day, we set out to walk across campus for our visit to the Museum of Anthropology.

Headed towards the Museum of Anthropology.

Dividing into two groups we were each taken on an engaging tour where we learned more about the vibrancy of the Northwest Coast cultures in B.C. and had the opportunity to take a close look at some of their belongings on display in the museum. We explored the Multiversity Gallery, which contain thousands of objects from around the world, and talked about multiple ways of knowing and understanding then had some free time to explore the two feature exhibits 'In the Footprint of the Crocodile Man: Contemporary Art of the Sepik River of Papau New Guinea' and 'Unceeded Territory' by Coast Salish and Okanagan artist Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun.

Our tour guide pointing out details in one the Haida carvings.

Discovering totem poles in the Great Hall.

Examining the cedar canoe.

Studying the artwork of Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun.

Looking closely at one of the pieces in the Unceeded Territory exhibition.
Reading about Papau New Guinea carvings in the Crocodile Man exhibit.

After enjoying a packed lunch in Haida House, we headed off towards Tower Beach, stopping along the way to view some of the remnants of Point Grey Fort, one of Vancouver's main defences on the coast during World War II.

Admiring the architecture of the Museum of Anthropology.

Michael sharing the significance of the Point Grey Battery en route to Tower Beach.

Exploring the shallows of Tower Beach.

After having some free time at Tower Beach to explore the rocky tide pools and sandbars, we climbed back up the 397 stairs and headed back towards the dorms. After a quick change of shoes for those who had ventured into the water, we divided into groups to visiting either the Beatty Biodiversity Museum or the UBC bookstore before dinner. 

Hanging out with the blue whale skeleton at the Beatty Biodiversity Museum.

Our evening activity was a intriguing murder mystery hosted by the amazing Heritage Fair Alumni team. Working in small groups, we visited each suspect in the double homicide of members of a wealthy Vancouver family and had to solve different puzzles (ie. morse code, ciphers, locks) at each station to uncover the clues that would help us discover who the murderer was. At the end of the session, each group submitted their final verdict on the and once we all came back together, we found out if our sleuthing skills had led us to the true culprit.

Start of our intriguing murder mystery activity led by our amazing Alumni team.

Liam and Graeme working together to solve a puzzle and uncover a clue.

After solving our murder mystery, we split into two groups again with one group headed to the Aquatic Centre to go for a swim at the UBC pool and the rest stayed at the dorms and help create a banner for tomorrow's Provincial Fair showcase. After a quick snack, everyone headed off to bed to get a good night's sleep.

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