Friday, 5 September 2014

Welcome Back!

Now that summer is over, its time to start thinking about Heritage Fair! 2015 will mark the first year that Richmond will host its own Regional Heritage Fair. Support for this program has grown over the past 12 years thanks to our wonderful students, teachers, volunteers, donors and staff and we are thrilled to be able to involve more Richmond schools and showcase all of the hard work and creativity these budding historians put into their projects every year.

For many students, history has a bad reputation and is too often associated with memorizing endless dates and lifeless facts. The Heritage Fair program aims to bring history alive by allowing students to pursue their own historical interests, do project-based inquiry and present their knowledge to a real audience. These projects are also guided by six core historical thinking concepts that encourage students to ask questions, make inferences and think critically about the conclusions they come to.

Follow the link to check out the latest blog post on the BC Heritage Fairs website, 'Beyond Bad Karaoke: Historical Thinking and Heritage Fairs', to learn more!

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