Friday, 12 September 2014

Looking for a Heritage Fair Topic?

While we have lots of ideas for Heritage Fair topics in the Project section of our blog to get you started, there are so many interesting stories about Canadian history to choose from, we can't possibly list them all! Here are a few examples, recently covered in the news.

This article tells the story of the Louie brothers, Wee Tan and Wee Hong, who joined the Canadian Army and fought for a country who, at the time, refused them full citizenship. They represent approximately 300 or so Chinese-Canadians who volunteered to fight in the First World War but about whom we know very little. Their story also highlights some of the struggles and triumphs that Chinese Canadians in British Columbia have experienced over the past 120 years.

Franklin ship discovery solves 'one of Canada's great mysteries'
After 168 years of searching, one of the ships that carried Sir John Franklin and his 128 men on a failed expedition to discover the Northwest Passage. Considered to be the greatest disaster related to exploration in Arctic history, Parks Canada staff uncovered the hull of a ship in the Queen Maud Gulf. This discovery not only allows for new interpretations of the fate of the Franklin expedition and supports the accuracy of Inuit oral history, it also advances Canada's claim for control of the Northwest Passage.

Leave us a comment below and tell us what stories you would be interested in seeing for a Heritage Fair project!

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