Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Part 2 of 5: An Interview with Hillary

* This is the second in a series of interviews conducted by Manvi Ansal, Provincial Fair 2011 Alumnus, with each of the Richmond-Delta Provincial Fair 2013 delegates.  

Name: Hillary Nelson
Grade: 5
City: Delta
Project title: A Vision of Tomorrow (The George Massey Tunnel)

Hillary’s topic is still important today’s world because it was the only road tunnel below sea level in Canada, making its roadway the lowest road surface in Canada. Hillary goes through the George Massey tunnel every day and she has always wondered how it got built or how it got its name, and stuff like that. 

Her greatest challenge throughout making her project was probably getting the information about how much money it cost to build the tunnel. She noticed that one book said another when another website said another. It was hard to choose. 

She thinks one thing she would have liked to change about her project was to put the interview with Doug Massey on the board instead of in a book because more people would have paid more attention to it. 

One thing that surprised Hilary was how the people built the tunnel underwater, because part of it had to go under the water. She thought that it would be very difficult. 

If there was one thing she could share on Global or National news, she said that it would be that only one person died out of the whole construction of the tunnel.  She said that more people died in the making of any other average tunnel than this one. Canadians should know about her project because it was the lowest road made in Canada.

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