Monday, 24 June 2013

Part 1 of 5: An Interview with Jonathan

* This is the first in a series of interviews conducted by Manvi Ansal, Provincial Fair 2011 Alumnus, with each of the Richmond-Delta Provincial Fair 2013 delegates.

Name: Jonathan Bridson
Grade: 7
City: Richmond
Project Title: La Conserverie Monstre (The Monster Cannery)

Jonathan’s topic is still important to today’s world because it shows how Canada has worked so hard, and how tough it’s been for people before us. It also is important because it taught us about racism back in the day, How Chinese workers got paid less than white workers. 

His project opened up a lot of other questions to be answers like “Why is the job so dangerous?” He was surprised about the cannery and while he was doing it, he said that most of his questions were answered. 

The greatest challenge throughout making the project was when his teacher told him to redo the poster 2 weeks before the fair because it wasn’t good enough. Another thing was getting the information. He would change some things about his project like he would prefer to do it in English. He had only been in French immersion for 2 years. Last but not least, translating all the information in French. 

Jonathan was surprised about the injuries and how the Chinese had to do hard work that was too dangerous, and that there were very scary tools to use.  If Jonathan could share one thing on Global news it would be about how many people died there and how there are still places in the world that have working conditions like this. He thinks that too many people did there. He thinks that people should start taking action.

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