Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Forgotten Wars: 1812 and More

Forgotten Wars: 1812 and More is a curriculum resource for students and teachers doing Heritage Fair projects on war and peace in Central Canada and BC. Why should you check it out?
  1. There is a NEW! War of 1812 and More Award for Heritage Fair 2013. 
  2. It's the 200 year anniversary of the War of 1812, and there are a LOT of resources out there, including a War of 1812 Exhibit @ Canada Place. Visit their website HERE for more information.
  3. Aside from the War of 1812, there are other unique, creative and engaging project ideas centred on BC's history -- such as the Fraser Canyon War and Pig War -- and everyone loves a good story!

The complete resource will be available soon, but for now, here is a sneak peak:
Part 1 Introduction - Forgotten Wars 
Part 2 Resources - Forgotten Wars

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